Fun Fact

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Where did all the men go?

First off, I'd like to preface this by saying I really wanted to avoid this topic. However, I read a very disturbing article about men wearing makeup and it really sent me over the edge. When did the men get so soft? And I mean that literally, I just met a guy who had a full body scrub done at Burke Williams. WTF? Men have invaded the salons getting their hair tinted, waxed and whatever primping and coifing they need. I had a date once with a guy who didn't want to eat any of the dessert because he was trying to "limit his calorie intake." And he wondered why he got the awkward side hug at the end of the night. But that wasn't as bad as the guy who I noticed had self-tanner streaks on his neck...check please! I love men who like to play sports (yoga and pilates doesn't count), who would freak out over wearing a $250 pair of jeans and who have no idea what a cleanse is. Frankly, I even like it when men smell a little bit. And if they want a tan they should go outside and work on the car, or the deck...or whatever there is to do. They just don't make men like George Clooney anymore. I'd like to quote Mary Poppins by saying he's "practically perfectly in every way."