Along with creating custom invitations, I scrapbook. A lot. I'm very proud of the pile I've completed so far this week...

Sometimes when I'm at the studio, I help other people work on their projects as well. The lovely (and very funny) Tiffany, with her Howard alumni scrapbook...

Looks great so far luv! Can't wait to see it completed!!!


double take

Do you ever have days where you glance in the mirror before leaving the house and think -- I really shouldn't be wearing this outfit in public...

And to think I was embarrassed of my attire! Little did I know, I was on the fashion forefront. The real question is...who wore it best?



Such a fun day helping out with Easter art projects at Ivy Academia's 2nd grade class this afternoon!

The cricket came in handy making all these die-cuts...

I'm a person of wide interests - which include, among other things, pasting things together with elmers glue

My lovely friend, Ryan. I finally got to see "Ms. Dowler" in action -- such a phenomenal teacher!

The finished project...

L-O-V-E this...

Thank you for having me -- can't wait to come back!!!



Just worked with my friend on a photo shoot for her company, Couleurs de Saison. I wonder if that necklace comes in tandem?

missing my sister

My sister/best friend/better half, Theresa, moved to Italy three days ago. MASSIVE change. Since she won't have a phone for a few weeks and since I'm accustomed to speaking to her multiple times daily - this presents a huge inconvenience for me. However, to my delight, she sent me a lovely email this morning with the play by play of her travels so far. Here is an excerpt...

"TERRENTIAL downpour yesterday. Which made me discover that none of my shoes are suitable for walking on damp marble floor. Going to have to visit a cobbler asap to get some tread things put on the bottom of all my shoes because I almost bit it a half dozen times yesterday.

Naples is a dump. And I mean literally, since there's garbage piled in the streets everywhere. Since my feet were still swollen yesterday from traveling and I didn't want to look like a stupid American wearing my running shoes, I wore flat sandals last night after it had stopped raining when we went for a walk to try to find a place to eat. Four miles later and I think I accumulated every disease possible from the streets on my feet - I promptly washed them when I returned to our room and am trying to figure out a way to disinfect my shoes"

God bless my family.

Good thing my security blanket (Pauline) lives a stones throw away and has graciously rendered her company to soften the blow. I predict April will be full of slumber parties.

LOVE YOU sister -- missing you terribly...


The cake was as good as it looked

I love parties with themes. Correction -- I love parties with themes I like/don't have to wear ridiculous costumes to. That being said - Lynnsay, one of my most beloved friends, celebrated her birthday with a parisian style dinner in honor of her upcoming spring getaway to France.

Amazing cake!

Compliments of Sweet Lady Jane...

Three ways you can spot the gift I brought in a lineup:
1. It's the prettiest
2. It usually involves a basket with multiple gifts which are all individually wrapped in expensive Italian paper and have perfectly symmetrical bows tied to them
3. It's the prettiest

The exterior of the birthday box/card I made...

Wish I would have snapped the interior as well but I was too busy doing this...

Everyone always asks me what materials I use -- here you go...

Bon Voyage L - don't be gone for too long!!!