Lovely Ladies

Costco - my safety blanket. The place I go to…well…escape my day to day adversities. Also, home of the VITA-MIX 5200.

If you haven't heard of the VITA-MIX 5200, you probably have a very active social life. But if you have, then you know its pretty much the holy grail of blenders (see price tag below). Did I mention I have one? Yeah, I do. I don't mean to brag (white lie) but after six months of consistently visiting, dreaming and meagerly saving for one - its finally MINE ALL MINE!

The most unfathomable part is, it was a GIFT! I know, insane!!! This year, as a birthday present, these wonderful ladies surprised me with it!!!

Lynnsay- the boss and brains of the operation

Nancy- the one who would sell her organs on the black market before I went without one

Micol- the one I’m going to name a smoothie after

Heidi- the only one brave enough to try my green seaweed drink

Chenoa- the one I'm going to have fun experimenting with

A million times thank you ladies! I look forward to showing my love and admiration to you in the form of liquid amazingness...


oh, mother

Someone put this on my mothers car today. I can't stop laughing.

Birthday pinata....harder than it looks!!!


My new bff

You know when someone does something and you think -- we would really get along. Look closely...


Martha would be proud

Ahhhhh...my house...

I love coming home, especially when my mom doesn't make me do things like...

That's not to say there was no work involved. Usually when Cinderella's back in town my mom breaks out the weed wacker. This time, it was all kept in the kitchen...

The crime scene...

There are a few reasons why I've never worked in the food industry. This is one...

My cupcakes came out PERFECT!!!

Another satisfied customer...


Miss T

Now, I'd have to double check with my mother, but I'm pretty sure I came out of the womb wearing gold hoops. Yes, that's right, for as long as I can remember, I've been a fan of the color gold. Although I express my admiration in many ways, my love is most evident in my never understated jewelry ensemble. I wear a lot of gold - so much in fact that on a recent doctors visit, when I insisted on removing it all before I stepped on the scale, the nurse thought it "wouldn't be a bad idea."

Some may find it tacky to be so flashy in our current economic crisis, but I disagree. This opinion maaaaay have a little to do with my use of jewelry as a flirting method. I feel since the value of Gold has increased, my jewelry is a subliminal sign to all the potential suitors out there that I'm a 'good investment.' I know, I know - its not good to mix business with pleasure but every little bit counts......right? I think all the Cosmo girl's out there would agree.

My accessoriesing soul mates....