More Italy

The Invitations I made for my sisters wedding

Pizza night was ridiculously fun

Theresa and my new brother!!!

Fact: The maid of honor has the privilege of carrying all the brides stuff. All day long.

Our reaction once the cake was presented. Apparently, in the deep countryside of Italy, this is what a wedding cake looks like. I may need to take a time portal back to 1989 to confirm, but isn't this my first communion cake???

Dangerously close to becoming an Italian pop star. DANGEROUSLY CLOSE

My two best friends


Traffic School Superstar

First rule of traffic school: YOUR CAR IS A WEAPON

My teacher is ALL about using props...

I've never been so depressed in my life as when we went over roughly twenty of the most horrific drinking and driving/being on the phone/speeding fatality stories. So tragic and horrible!!!

I'm a genius...

The highlight of my 12 hour course is when I won an award! No, seriously - I WON an award!!! Must be because I insisted on using this bad boy to tell why I was locked up...

Word to the wise...


Cooking at Sur La Table

LOVE to play around in Sur La Table's kitchen

Being out in public still can't keep me from sticking my finger in things

Always the center of my own attention

Fact: No one makes squash soup like my Heidi and Micol


Notice I never take my eye off my task - sign of a true perfectionist. Unfortunately, others do not always do the same. Example being the cupcake at five o'clock.

Making your own pasta is the coolest thing ever

Happy Birthday Lynnsay!!!

Always have to keep it real


new business venture

I'd like to introduce my new found passion/venture. Although my Invitation company is thriving more than ever, I find myself unfulfilled and have decided to moonlight as a pet-sitter. Here's my flyers that I'll be posting all over Los Angeles. Since I'm new to the game I would really appreciate any business/referrals - please no dogs or cats though, I only specialize in reptiles.


you ate so much, you nearly split your pants...

Time to play a fun little game called 'where's tanja?' Some of you may know it as 'where's waldo' but instead of looking for a man with cataracts glasses and a stripped red and white shirt, you're looking for a really smart, pretty girl holding a bouquet of flowers. This may be too vague as my sister is also in these pictures. Ok - look for the girl that BARELY fits into her dress. Hmmm...still same problem as the last description. Well, I'm the one in the corner that's never standing next to/kissing a man. This description will also ring true for all other pictures I decide to post of the wedding so no one gets confused.

If I may, I'd also like to take this time to thank my sister again for having her wedding fall at the END of our european trip. GREAT idea to throw a party where everyone has to slip into a tight dress and have their picture taken (and documented for the rest of their life) after weeks of stuffing their face with cheese and bread. If we only brought spanx...