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In this last year, a lot of major changes have been unfolding for my family. Most recently, my mother, Mary Maduzia , has decided that after 35 years of running her own business – Bogart, Bremmer & Bradley Antiques, she will be retiring at the end of the calendar year.

Bogart, Bremmer & Bradley was established in 1975 and since has been ranked as one of the top destinations in the country for antique lighting and furniture. All pieces, rare and immaculately refurbished, my mother has hand selected to be apart of her showroom in Seattle, Washington.

Since announcing her retirement; phone calls, flowers, drop-ins from old customers – even news articles have flooded in, all expressing love and appreciation for all her services over the last few decades. With everything that’s been said and written about my moms shop recently, I couldn’t help but notice words like ‘iconic’ ‘powerhouse’ and ‘impact’ are always included. Well, those same words can also be used to describe my mother herself. Along with intuitive, cunning, intelligent, tenacious – and if you’ve ever had the pleasure to engage in conversation…blunt.

Ever since childhood, people have always taken it upon themselves to inform me of my mothers flawless taste and unwavering work ethic. An innovator to the core, she built her antiques business from the ground up and has very few to thank for any help in the success she has cultivated. Although her decision is an exciting one, it’s also heart wrenching at the same time. This business, literally, has been a second home and huge part of my identity since the day I was born. If the trade off wasn’t getting to spend more time with mom, especially an actual Saturday, then I would be opposed. But I’m not.

I can’t tell you how appreciative I am to the community for their outpouring of love over the last few months. Thank you, thank you so much – it means everything to me and my family!!!

Since today is also my moms birthday, I wanted to say a special thank you to her for not only being such a remarkable parent but an incredible example of achievement for my sister and I to look to. Being a single mother, I will never understand how you were always able to do it all.

Happy Birthday mama - I’ve never been more proud of anything then of the association I have to you. Here’s to the next chapter of your life…



Buble or Bust

Bursting at the seams to see bubbles

Fact: We were the youngest people at the concert

Michaels running late? No prob, we know all the songs

You're killin me...

I hate it when he moves to the other half of the stage!!!

Call me crazy/obsessed fan but the man can't take his eyes off of me...

Ain't she cute?

Love you L - had so much fun!

Take it home...


A day at the sandbox

LOVE you Lo!!!!


More Italy

The Invitations I made for my sisters wedding

Pizza night was ridiculously fun

Theresa and my new brother!!!

Fact: The maid of honor has the privilege of carrying all the brides stuff. All day long.

Our reaction once the cake was presented. Apparently, in the deep countryside of Italy, this is what a wedding cake looks like. I may need to take a time portal back to 1989 to confirm, but isn't this my first communion cake???

Dangerously close to becoming an Italian pop star. DANGEROUSLY CLOSE

My two best friends


Traffic School Superstar

First rule of traffic school: YOUR CAR IS A WEAPON

My teacher is ALL about using props...

I've never been so depressed in my life as when we went over roughly twenty of the most horrific drinking and driving/being on the phone/speeding fatality stories. So tragic and horrible!!!

I'm a genius...

The highlight of my 12 hour course is when I won an award! No, seriously - I WON an award!!! Must be because I insisted on using this bad boy to tell why I was locked up...

Word to the wise...