Can't always get what you want

Don't let the ribbon fool you - making wedding invitations for a living isn't as glamorous as it sounds. Its actually quite the messy job. Especially today as I forgot to pick up my toys last night and am seriously resisting getting back in my play pen. Grrrr.

When I'm faced with an adversity like this, I go to the internet to clear my head. What, praytel, did I find to distract me before I threw myself into the trenches? Celebrity look-alike collage!!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to do this so my excitement was through the roof. Unfortunately, just like the 99% of all the other times I've had high expectations, I got shot down. It was all going so well to start.....Jessica Alba, Grace Kelly..... James Gandolfini ......wait ....WHAT! JAMES GANDOLFINI?!? Insecurity and bewilderment sets in.

Now, the problem with these kinds of situations is I can't say I don't look like one of them because that would mean there is obviously a flaw in the system and if one is wrong, then they all could be wrong. And I don't want them all to be wrong because I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally want to pretend I somewhat resemble the other girls!!! That would totally give me the inspiration I need to start cleaning up my craft room! Hmmmm......what to believe? Could I really have Julias dazzling smile and .......also.......maybe .......coincidentally really.....and only in bad lighting.....Gandolfinis big fat head? Ugg.....that's a tough one.

FINE! But I want to be called Tony.