Me in a nutshell

I did something totally out of characteristic today...I got my astrology chart done. I usually roll my eyes at these types of things but to my surprise I found my reading to be extremely accurate and fun. Much of my enjoyment is in no small part due to vanity (as I got a 16 page packet all about the complexity of ME). My Mercury Sextile Venus says "You appreciate aesthetics and have a fine sense of form, design, and beauty. You could develop great technical skills as an artist, designer, craftsman, or creative writer and are a great seller of objects of beauty." Sooooo true. "In love and romance, you often have glamorous fantasies that have little to do with reality." It looks as if my Neptune in the 5th house and my mother share the same opinion. But the most exciting bit of new information was finding out the reason why I attract Aquarius men (aka my arch nemesis) it is because my moon is in Aquarius. Note to creative, and stop going out with men born between January 21st and February 19th.