Bad-Ass Bloggers

If you don't mind cookie crumbs in'll love my sister Theresa! Fortunately for you, she's parleyed her flawless taste and vast knowledge of everything fashion into Culture on the Coast, a site dedicated to what she's good at...being fabulous.

After all, she is the one that convinced me to wax my eyebrows, wear a thong, relinquish my scrunchie collection and most recently, dispose a pair of sweatpants I've become partial to because they looked like "rabid dogs have attacked them."

My only objection to her site so far is #5 on the 'what men dislike women to wear' list -- Don't buy cotton undies in bulk from Costco! Wassup wit dat? Hmmm...I'm going to pretend that memo got lost in the shuffle.

My other favorite blog, Armed Snobbery, is penned by the (self proclaimed) Prince of Ballard. He also refers to himself as 'my future husband' (again, self proclaimed). If you like to listen to good music and'll love it. Turned off by the picture? OK -- here's a teaser...

"valentines day - bend over backwards to do nice things that are never APPRECIATED, only expected. they EXPECT you to take them out to dinner (and to get a reservation on the busiest dining day of the year and eat sub-par food because the kitchen is so slammed), buy them flowers, and rub their feet. all for what? a smile, a thank you, and to not be deemed an asshole by her mom and all of her girlfriends. sweet! where do i sign up?????"

See what I mean? He had me at bend over.
Geeezze, how am I going to explain this picture to our kids?