If I wanted a 'suggestion' of how to be 'better' I would have called my mother

*What will happen in the future

Recently I got this adorable little matchbook of love fortunes. I'm obsessed with it. So much In fact that getting my daily dose of romantic fortune cookie wisdom has quickly become the highlight of my mornings. Until today.....

Firstly, THIS IS NOT A FORTUNE! Secondly, I have mirrors and am well aware I resemble the cast of fraggle rock when I wake up. I don't need to be told, in writing nonetheless, that my 'personal hygiene should not be neglected.' Thirdly, today in particular I am in need of a little assistance in the romance department and was depending on the love gods coming through for me ;( UGH!!! (Unfortunately, typing in caps and using the mean face emoticon doesn't even come close to expressing my dissatisfaction).

So.......what's a girl to do? Should I pluck another that I feel is more suitable or break out the salt scrub and call it a day? Hmmmm......rocking the love boat is a risky move. Begrudgingly, I suppose I'll have to abide by the beggars can't be choosers philosophy today. Shower before noon it is......