How well do you know your neighbors?

So, I've been at home sick all week long -- thank god for 80's movies on TBS! I got to enjoy one film that I've always felt paralleled my life...The 'Burbs. I haven't actually discovered a crazy neighbor, but I'm always on the look out. For example, there was the time I thought the lady next door was the next unabomber. She never spoke to anyone and in the middle of the night a suspicious little man would drop a suspicious little black box on her doorstep. It turned out she was doing the zone diet. Then there was the time I thought someone had dumped a dead body in the dumpster -- it ended up being a very ...large ...doll. And then there was the time I for sure thought my neighbors were in a cult. That one I wasn't entirely off, they were in a pyramid group. After years of conspiracy theory's not panning out, it suddenly dawned on I the weird neighbor? Who else spy's in the middle of the night, listens to conversations through vents, conjures up preposterous ideas and thinks being at home sick is the perfect time to check up on people? It seems as if what I've been looking for has been under my nose the entire time. I guess it's true when they say sometimes on the journey all you end up finding is yourself. In closing, I'd like to tell how wonderful my Tivo has been throughout this miserable cold. When torn that Overboard and Three Men and a Baby were playing at the same time, I found I could record one and watch the other simultaneously. AMAZING.