Pining for Pretty Prints

Growing up in a household of women you learn a few things -- what good food is, the proper way to clean, how to pick the wrong man, and the importance of printed toilet paper. It was a sad day for my sister and I when we realized Angel Soft's 'Pretty Prints' toilet paper (a luxury we'd been accustomed to our entire lives) had gone extinct in the state of California. That is until I walked into the Gelson's in century city...hallelujah! I was so excited I grabbed as many packages as my little arms could carry. In fact, this discovery couldn't have come at a better time as I felt it was the perfect Easter gift for Theresa. My male friends mocked my find and were utterly confused to why a woman would want toilet paper as a gift. But ain't that men for you, always thinking they know what women want down there. As you can tell from the picture...success. I may not know a lot, but I know my sister.